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Trust Our Roadside Assistance

You walk out to your car and see that your tires are flat. What you do next is very critical. Calling Mr. Helps Towing of Columbus, OH at 614-235-4242 is a good choice.

  • Leaky valve stems

  • Punctures in the tire

  • Rust or corrosion on the wheel

  • Hitting a curb or pothole

  • Wheel air leaks

Causes of flat tires

While getting a flat tire is never convenient, you can be glad you won't have to deal with it alone.

How to manage a flat tire

We're a certified minority-owned business. Call 614-235-4242

If you get a flat tire and need help changing it or any kind of roadside assistance,

we can help.

  • Safely pull over

  • Get as far to the edge of the road as possible

  • Call our experts immediately at 614-235-4242